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Torcuato Zamora Herrada was born amidst the rhythms and legends of Granada, Spain. At the age of five he moved to Barcelona where he began studying classical guitar; by age 15 he began giving concerts professionally with Ramón Delgado and Graciano Tarragó.

He has performed for the King and Queen of Spain. He has also performed in Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Canada.


Torcuato arrived in the United States during early 1960s, and since then he has devoted himself to presenting flamenco and classical, South American music, and his own compositions. He has toured the U.S. with the José Molina Spanish Dance Company and continues to perform regularly with the Furia Flamenca Flamenco Dance Company. 

Credited for bringing Flamenco to the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Torcuato has appeared at the El Bodegón, El Caribe Restaurant, El Caminante, Torremolinos, and Andalucía Restaurant, the Embassy of France, and theaters too numerous to mention, including the Kennedy Center and Atlas Performing Arts Center.

He has his own Academy of Spanish and Classical guitar in Silver Spring, Maryland. In 2010, Torcuato’s autobiography El Cortijo was published.

In 2016, the Government of Spain awarded Torcuato the Medalla al Mérito Civil (Medal of Civil Merit) for exporting the talent of Spain to the U.S.

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Image by Miriana Dorobanțu
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