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Annual Award  Recognition

The spread of Flamenco in the Washington metropolitan area is a task of many and a long time, a task that can only be successful with a combination of persistence, love for Flamenco, and generosity to the community.


That is why at TorcuArt we want to annually recognize a person or entity with a notable contribution to our mission:

"TorcuArt is dedicated to advancing the rich culture of the Art of Flamenco and Classical Spanish Guitar, including associated artistic disciplines such as dance, song, poetry and visual arts, through the promotion of educational activities, performances and community outreach activities with the goal of assisting in increasing community engagement and fostering an interconnected community of lovers of these artistic forms to promote appreciation for cultural diversity "



The award winner will be chosen by the TorcuArt Board, and will include all the candidates proposed by friends and members of our organization.


The award ceremony will take place every year during the TorcuArt Annual Gala.


List of awardees


2022   Maestro Torcuato Zamora

2023 Taberna Alabardero

If you have the perfect candidate for 2024 edition, please send it to us by filling out the following form.

Award Nomination

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thank you very much!

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