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Coro TorcuArt

In the Washington DC Metro area a flamenco festival was organized annually named “la Feria de Sevilla” inspired by the flamenco festivals of Southern Spain. In the year 2000, a group of friends in the DMV area gathered to sing the opening of the “Feria de Sevilla” with the song “Salve Rociera”.


The choir took the name of the “Coro Rociero” . Anchored by Torcuato Zamora and Maria Leavitt, the choir warmly welcomed individuals passionate about flamenco. An annual tradition emerged, with Coro Rociero inviting anyone inclined to sing or play instruments on stage. Since 2000, Coro Rociero collaborated with the president of  the “Centro Espanol de Washington” (CEW), Irene Bascunana  during the "Feria de Sevilla" held at Strathmore Music Center.   The choir's performances, infused with guitars, tambourines, and the dignified presence of the Spanish representative from the Spanish Embassy in Washington, became an integral and colorful part of the festivities.


Beyond flamenco, the choir expanded its repertoire to include Spanish Christmas Carols. With just 3 or 4 members, the choir started the tradition of singing in the annual Evening of Christmas Carols organized by the CEW. Coro Rociero was always led by the guitar of Maestro Torcuato Zamora. Since the year 2005, Coro Rociero has welcomed any local Hispanic speaking volunteer who wanted to participate whether singing or playing guitar, bandurria, cajon or tambourines to build links between the Spanish and U.S. communities.


In 2015, a significant milestone was reached when Coro Rociero recorded the CD "Villancicos entre amigos," featuring 13 cherished Christmas Carols. Sponsored by Jose Andres ThinkFood Group and friends, the CD was a tribute to the Spaniards who left an indelible mark on Washington with their love for Spanish popular music.


Coro Rociero graced diverse venues, including Saint Luke Catholic Church, Potomac Community Center, McLean Community Center, and the Spanish Residence of the Former Ambassador of Spain.


Throughout the years, the choir has been multidisciplinary including adults and teenagers who have played “el Cajon”, castanets, tambourines and guitars and other instruments. In fact, in 2018 a children’s choir was organized with enthusiastic support from families with younger singers. The children’s choir continues today.


In 2020 with the creation of the “Torcu-Art”, the choir found a home. The choir has been growing with Spanish popular music lovers.   During the past three years the “Coro Rociero” have also enjoyed the presence of the local tenor Israel Lozano.


With highly renowned Tenor Israel Lozano recently assuming the role of director, the choir looks forward to continuing its mission of building links between the Hispanic and U.S. communities sharing the educational experience and fun of the Spanish language, music and traditions starting at earlier ages.

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