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Aula de Flamenco

Flamenco is a world-renowned art, it is difficult to find someone who has not heard of flamenco, and probably the first word that comes to mind when hearing the word Flamenco is Ole!.


Those three letters can contain a wide range of feelings, such as grief, pain, joy, partying, love or heartbreak. And all of them are the result of the fact that Flamenco is an artistic manifestation that is born from the mixture of three cultures and three religions in the south of Spain in the 16th century, and that travels in time with its people as a vehicle for telling stories. stories of daily life, of preserving experiences from generation to generation, and that evolves with the influence of other airs that arrive from Latin America at the dawn of the 18th century until reaching our days as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. 


In order to publicize the cultural richness that is hidden behind that Ole!, TorcuArt presents,

“Aula de Flamenco” 

Aula de Flamenco are conferences that aim to expand Flamenco’s social and historical knowledge and highlight its importance in Spanish culture. These conferences are offered at no cost to both public and private entities in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.  Our Aula de Flamenco‘s dynamic 90 minutes format combines a brief initial discussion followed by an artistic performance or flamenco demonstration.

The historical and scientific content are provided by D. José Miguel Hernandez Jaramillo , Ph.D. Advanced Flamenco Studies and Ethnomusicology, who was born in Seville,  where he studied Engineering at the University of Seville.  In 2015, Jaramillo completed a doctorate at the same institution with “international mention” in the  “Advanced Flamenco Studies program and  Musicological area. Two years later, he obtained a second doctorate in ethnomusicology at UNAM,  the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Faculty of Music.   In 2017, Jaramillo was awarded the Alfonso Caso medal for best doctoral dissertation of his generation.

In 2017 , Jaramillo and Lénica Reyes a renown PHD in flamenco opened PTNera Consulting , a cultural awareness company,  founded with the sole purpose of researching and  further disseminating  flamenco.

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